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Silly Shorts - funny real stories, 100% true and 80%$ wholesome!

Nixpix is the home of all things Gretchen Nixon. Being a prolific imagineer, Nixpix is the best place to keep up on her latest official endeavors. 

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This site is like putting my basement online. As I work my way through I'm posting them as FREE DOWN

Tired of  huge, impersonal websites for your educational needs? Visit my friend Ellen's basement - literally. "This site really is like putting my basement online.  One by one, I am working my way through the stacks of things sitting on my shelves, digitizing them, and posting them for anyone who might find them useful.  Individual items are posted as FREE DOWNLOADS."


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Silly Shorts is full of funny, true stories written - actually chronicled - to cheer people up, especially Baby Boomers. "Margo says that Ginger O. Snap is the next Erma Bombeck. But Brenda Disagrees. Brenda thinks she is way funnier than Erma Bombeck. Ginger thinks truth is stranger that fiction. She says that there is no way she could make up these stories." And G.O.S. didn't make them up. Because truth really is stranger than fiction…

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